Selecting your carpet is an important process because it’s a decorating investment you’ll want to enjoy for years to come

carpet-floor-installation-fuquay-varina-goldsboro-clayton-north-carolinaReplace your outdated, worn-out carpet. New carpet adds warmth, softness, and livability to your Home!

The specific construction or manufacturing method of carpet affects both it’s appearance and performance. Most carpet is made by one of four methods: tufted, woven, needle-punched, or hand-knotted.

California Granite & Flooring provides you with quality carpet that will beautify your home and meet your specific budget and performance needs. Whether you’re looking for textures, plushes, berbers, or friezes, California Granite & Flooring offers exactly what you are looking for.

Carpeting is the most stylish, versatile and cost effective flooring option.With a large carpet flooring inventory, we guarantee you will find the perfect new carpet.

Advantages of Carpet Flooring

Carpet makes a home feel soft, warm and inviting. It can also be used as an interior design element. With hundreds of colors, textures, styles, and fabrics to choose from, California Granite & Flooring is sure to have the perfect carpet for your home and budget. Our carpet experts have years of experience with helping families choose their dream carpet.


Carpet floors feels soft and provides a psychological feeling of warmth.

Carpeting offers extra cushioning making it easier on your feet and back. Several studies also find that carpets absorb sound and carpets with padding further enhance this ability.


With the hundreds of carpet patterns, cuts, colors and textures, there are literally thousands of possibilities.

Carpeting complements the décor in your home. Changing your carpeting can easily and cost effectively, create the style you desire in your home or business.


Carpets provide a non-slip surface that prevents slips and cushions falls, minimizing injuries when falls occur.

Carpeting provides a safe flooring option for all family members, especially toddlers and the elderly. In addition to carpets minimizing slip and falls, the flooring material also cleans the air. Studies have also proved that carpets actually trap the allergy causing particles and reduce the risk of allergy outbreaks. However, if carpets are not regularly cleaned and maintained, they can trigger respiratory allergies.

Cost Effective

Carpet flooring is the most economical flooring choice available in the market.

Carpet flooring is durable and most manufacturers offer great warranties. Carpet also supplies an extra layer of insulation and can help save energy.

Carpeting is easy to maintain and are more stain resistant than they have ever been in the past and there are several carpet cleaning methods that keep your carpet clean as new.

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For textures, plush, berber or frieze carpet, California Granite & Flooring offers exactly what you are looking for.