It’s hard to resist the quintessential beauty & feeling of the richness marble adds to any room

marble-countertops-flooring-installation-fuquay-varina-goldsboro-clayton-north-carolinaMarble… A natural stone with classic luxury modern style! Perhaps more than any other stone, marble evokes images of sophisticated elegance.

Marble is often used as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or fireplace hearth. In addition to bathroom vanity tops and fireplace surrounds, marble can also bring incomparable elegance to your kitchen. Homes throughout the world have marble kitchen countertops, and here in the U.S., marble has a strong following by homeowners as an elegant and functional kitchen work surface.

Once found only in the homes of the wealthy, marble countertops are now a much more accessible luxury due to improved technology and availability. Marble has a rich history which is one of the many reasons why people are drawn to the stone for countertops, flooring and bathroom vanities.

Marble is still heavily used today in construction & can be quarried all over the world.

The most common uses of marble include: marble floors, kitchen counter tops, bathroom countertops, bathroom vanity tops, shower walls, tile backsplashes, bathroom tile, stair cases, etc.  It can’t however be used outdoors, since water would corrode its crystalline structure. Marble is very smooth and therefore tends to be slippery, which makes it unfavorable to use in high traffic areas.

Marble Pros & Cons Include…

Marble Pros

Marble is Beautiful

It is very well known for its beauty, unique veins, and unique pattern. Most people associate marble with luxury due to its uses in expensive or royal historical buildings. Its Classic, timeless beauty, and a white brightness not available in granite, gives marble an advantage over any natural stone.


There are certainly many advantages to using marble, but the one we hear the most is that it is truly unique.

Marble Cons

Marble Surfaces are Porous

Being porous means the potential for staining. If liquids are spilled onto the marble surface, the longer the spill is left the more the potential for staining. Spills must be wiped up promptly. Sealers are necessary to maintain the look and may need to be reapplied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Professional sealing is recommended for marble surfaces.

Marble Surfaces are Softer than Other Stones

Marble can be damaged by scratches because it is a relatively soft stone. On a surface such as a counter top, scratching is a real possibility. More care must be taken to prevent scratches on marble than on other harder stone surfaces.  If the maintenance necessary seems prohibitive, consider an alternate stone counter material such as granite.

Marble Etching:

Marble etching is a chemical reaction between the calcium carbonate in your marble (travertine tile and limestone too) and the acid in coffee, wine, soda, juice, lemon, and many other liquids.

The marble etching reaction does begin immediately upon contact resulting in a type of “burn” to the marble surface creating a dull spots.

Marble Maintenance

Marble Is High Maintenance

Marble, like most stone tiles, has high maintenance requirements. It must be sealed and cleaned regularly; for more information about cleaning and maintenance please visit our care and maintenance section.

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Marble is one of the most beautiful stones, with a highly polished smooth face and a wide variety of colors.