Vinyl floors, sometimes called resilient flooring, have the widest variety of patterns, colors & textures of any flooring type

vinyl-floor-installation-fuquay-varina-goldsboro-clayton-north-carolinaAt California Granite & Flooring, you will see that today’s vinyl floors come in a wide range of realistic looks – ceramic, stone and wood designs.

Vinyl flooring is also available in familiar and trendy patterns that make it easy to give your home a unique look without breaking the budget. Although vinyl flooring is suited for any room in the home, Vinyl Floors are a great choice wherever moisture is present, such as entryways, kitchens and baths. Along with its great versatility, vinyl or resilient flooring, is easy to clean and maintain.

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Vinyl Floors Are A Softer Surface

Vinyl flooring provides a slightly softer surface than options like tile or wood, because the product is backed with a thin layer of either felt or foam (depending on the manufacturer). The soft layer results in the floor having a little more flexibility and give, which makes it easier to stand on for long periods of time.

Vinyl Floors Come In A Large Selection of Styles & Color

Vinyl tiles are available in a huge assortment of colors and styles, with some designs even mimicking the look of stone tiles or wood planks. While you may notice the difference up close, it can be hard to tell from afar the floor is vinyl.

Vinyl Floors Are Extremely Durable

Vinyl also wears incredibly well. It is extremely durable, with many manufacturers backing their products with warranties of 15 years or more. In truth, a well-installed and properly maintained vinyl floor can last for well over 20 years.

Vinyl Floors Are Extremely Resilient

Vinyl flooring is very resistant to dirt and water, and it’s one of the few flooring types that can be installed directly over the subfloor—or over a previous vinyl or linoleum installation—without requiring demolition first. It is also one of the best choices for installing on a floor with a lot of cracks or excessive movement.

It Is Easy To Clean & Maintain Vinyl Floors

As far as cleaning and maintenance goes, vinyl is hard to beat. Requiring practically no maintenance after installation, vinyl needs to just be swept and mopped occasionally to keep the floor clean.

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Vinyl floors come in a wide range of realistic looks – ceramic, stone and wood designs.